فورٹناائٹ v10.10 ابتدائی پیچ نوٹ – اجراء کا وقت ، میگا مال میں تبدیلی ، واپسی کے مقامات ، اور زیادہ – ڈیکسروٹو

فورٹناائٹ v10.10 ابتدائی پیچ نوٹ – اجراء کا وقت ، میگا مال میں تبدیلی ، واپسی کے مقامات ، اور زیادہ – ڈیکسروٹو


Fortnite v10.10 early patch notes - Release time, Mega Mall changes, returning locations, and more

Graphics: Epic Games

Epic Games are building towards the arrival of the Fortnite patch v10.10 and if you’re looking to find out what it’s likely to include before it goes live, you have came to the right place. 

The game’s developers have not been as vocal about what the new patch is set to include this time around, in comparison to the v10.0 update where they repeatedly teased the arrival of a new Automatic Sniper Rifle – which was later added. 

However, players could have a lot more than a measly weapon to look forward to in Week 3 of Season 10, as there’s a big chance that even more surprises will emerge. 

Epic Games

An Automatic Sniper Rifle was added in the Fortnite v10.0 content update, but what’s to come next?

Fortnite v.10.10 patch release time

Unlike the content update of Week 2, this patch will be introduced with some downtime – Epic have confirmed. The patch is set to go live on August 13 and downtime will begin at 4am EST (9am BST, 6pm AET, 1am PT) – as confirmed by the official Fortnite Twitter account. 

Patch v10.10 is almost here!

Downtime begins tomorrow, August 13 at 4 AM ET (0800 UTC).

— Fortnite (@FortniteGame) August 12, 2019

What to expect from Fortnite patch v10.10

Mega Mall:

It would be silly to start anywhere else, really. The Mega Mall location in Fortnite Battle Royale looks set for some major changes after a Rift Beacon not only appeared near the shopping centre, but has been activated as well. 

Epic Games have gone on record with promising players that no two days will be the same in Season 10 and they look set to deliver on that promise with the introduction of this new patch, with Mega Mall expected to change drastically – just like Tilted Town did in the v10.00 content update. 

Epic Games

For how much longer will Mega Mall look like this in Fortnite?

An actual BRUTE nerf:

The BRUTE mech suit vehicles were introduced at the beginning of the tenth season, on August 1, and haven’t just caused a stir in the community, sparking a viral Twitter campaign to have them removed from the game’s competitive modes. 

Epic Games

BRUTE mech suits have been slightly nerfed in competitive Fortnite already.

While many fans are calling for its head in general, history tells us that Epic Games tend to put out these types of fires with slow, progressive patches to control damage – as seen with the X-4 Stormwing planes, The Baller, and other vehicles from past seasons. 

The good money is on them to do just that with this new patch, introducing a proper nerf to its stomp damage and perhaps further cuts to spawn rates as well – as they have done already with competitive play. 

Return of an old location:

As noted earlier, many dataminers have found evidence that would suggest that previously removed points of interest could soon be added back to Fortnite. 

Epic Games

Greasy Grove is just one of many old Fortnite locations that have been linked with a Season 10 return.

While many will be looking closely at Mega Mall and the developments there, the v10.10 patch could deliver something much greater. 

Fans have longed for the return of Risky Reels, Anarchy Acres, Moisty Mire, Greasy Grove and others as season after season have passed them by, and after leakers found them in the game’s files, there’s a chance that they could reappear much sooner than people expect.

There’s no way of being certain about their potential returns, or any other features, until the patch goes live. But, that won’t stop fans reading into the possibilities as they prepare themselves for the downtime and launch of this brand new update. 

This article will be updated with the official patch notes when they go live on August 13.